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Scale-Model Miniature Car Composites

These three composites were shot using 1:24 and 1:18 scale miniature cars. I have included some BTS photos to show the setup. Most of the practical effects such as fog, snow, and sleet were done in camera. All the stacking and enhancements were done in Adobe Photoshop.

My goals were as follows:
- To make the miniature cars look real
- To give a surreal quality to the image (not necessarily a completely photorealistic one)
- Appeal to the respective car manufacturers as viable advertising material.

Would love to hear your constructive and creative thoughts!

*Assisted by Charlie Sitzer and Will Detterman for the winter series.

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Eric Crudup's picture

Wow, insane. It all looks gorgeous

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Chase Hirt's picture

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it.

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Ron Waters's picture

Wow! Great stuff. You have obviously been doing this awhile.

Chase Hirt's picture

Appreciate that! I’m actually relatively new to photography (I’ve only been doing it for a couple years), and this was my first time attempting this genre of photography.

jgabby FR's picture

So much effort for stunny result.
I am not patient enough to do that, this is incredible

Chase Hirt's picture

Many thanks! It definitely took a lot of patience, but the work was all fun. And the result was totally worth it!

Alejandro Espeche's picture

Amazing, I went to a workshop of Feliz Hernandez and I found the art behind these photos incredible.

Thanks for sharing