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Mary Bel's picture

My Tribe

This is a self portrait, dedicated to those who support me and support my art. The hands are mine, and so is the body. I shot this on a black background, while laying down on the floor. The camera was on a tripod, with a self timer. The hands I shot individually against a black background. For some hands, I held a pillow in a black pillow case. This way, I can easily mask my hands out, and composite them underneath me.

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Mike Young's picture

Love the concept and the shot. The work that has gone into the creation gives it greater substance to my mind.

Mary Bel's picture

Thank you very much for checking it out Mike, this certainly took a long time to create. It is very meaningful to me.

Adam Stevenson's picture

Very nice, really beautiful image.

Mary Bel's picture

I appreciate the love adam...thank you.

alex grissom's picture

Great concept an execution

Mary Bel's picture

Thank you very much

jgabby FR's picture

Excellent idea, well made

Alan Brown's picture

Wonderfully conceived and executed Mary - well done!

Mary Bel's picture

Thank you oh so much Alan!

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Mary. Am relatively new to this side of photography. Yet now understand and appreciate the meaning of "making" image for such art as well.

Amazing work of story telling and all technical aspects of achieving it. thanks

Mary Bel's picture

Vijay, thats very kind of you to say. I hope it inspires other photographers to think out of the box.