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Independence Day


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Very cool! Love the cinematic color grade on this. The skin tone on the first image look a bit glowy for my taste, but if that is what you are going for it works. My favorite one is the second image due to the beautiful sepia hue of golden hour with the two planes positioned perfectly out of the main window of the cabin. Very well done! Out of curiosity, was this a personal project or a project for a client? What inspired you to make this? What was your process? Did you use all your own photos or source them from elsewhere?

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Hi, how are you Chase, thank you very much for your CC.

I work at an airfield and some military helicopters came to do their practices, I earned their trust and they let me take pictures with an 18mm in the cabin, I didn't like the background image and I changed it with photoshop, first some clouds and then this.

First I use Capture One, I went to photoshop I did dodge and burn, curves and change the background. Then I went back to Capture One where I made color and illuminations, if you use exposure there is a volumetric light effect and that makes the objects behind look something glossy. In the first, the light comes directly at face height and in the second below (from the position of the sun)

The background photos are searched by Google with a reusable non-commercial license.