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Does This Photo Work?

I was trying some new things out around the house. I know there’s room for improvement. For one, it was accidentally shot at 10k iso cause I just gotta a new camera and I’m not use to auto iso yet. I’d also like to get some visible water drops one the cap or bottle or both. This was a first attempt at something like this. Any advice would be appreciated.

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You did well to capture it at that moment and keep that cap in focus! I don't do this kind of photography so take my comments with a grain of salt.

As you say the ISO is an issue. I would say that the graininess of this image means that it doesn't work. I also wonder if the focal length is right. With how wide you are, to my eye, you lose the bottle too much. Whatever the focal length is I would think about maybe doubling it.

I would also say if you're doing something like this really pay attention to the scene around the bottle. There's a purple plate in the corner and do we want to see that? Is that light wood too much of a contrast to the bottle? Possibly that bottle is too low in the frame for me. I think the green top works against the red bottle top but do really think about those colour choices if you try this agian. It's that kind of attention to detail that will make the imake the image pop.

If it was me I would probably go a bit more stylised in the grade as well. It's an artificial sort of image so have some fun with it in post.