Jadyn in sheer black

I was invited to shoot headshots for a class at a local modeling school. That's where I met Jadyn. She had great form...


Portrait of Atiyeh

A Man in Black

Senior picture converted to black and white from color.


Portrait of Atiyeh

MacKenzie in natural light

MacKenzie was standing by a large floor to ceiling window giving off a ton of beautiful natural light. I saw the lamp...
Last: June 6, 2021


Portrait of Bahar
Last: June 4, 2021


Portrait of Nell


Our first meeting. Little girl Dora, my friend's daughter, her expression on her face, her first impression when she...

the boy and his God...

What the hell is "Body?" if the members of this site asking all the time "what does it mean Body?" it means you guys...


Portrait of Alice

Kate Post

Dramatic shot in home studio, going for a feeling of dismay, lost, and lonilness.


A young goddess in her prime as I capture here alive and beautiful...nightshade.


Street portrait Nikon D90+Nikkor 50mm 1.4G
Last: April 28, 2021

Grace Charis

Shot this using a Neewer softbox in my garage with a black backdrop. Was influenced by portraits I saw from the...


Natural window light Model: Arielle Giles Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie Hasselblad H6D-50c and HC 80mm lens ISO...

Rim light portrait with one softbox

We only put a black foam board against the softbox and shoot straight at it. Colours added in post.


Last: April 25, 2021

Hannah's black catsuit

Hannah reached out when she needed new headshots. I told her I wanted to do something fashiony while were at it. We...


Make-up glamour. A studio session with talented MUA Aya Bissenova @aya_bissenova_mua Photographer: Gary McGillivray-...

Alexandra's moonlit swim

Alexandra wanted to shoot in milk bath set surrounded by flowers. I told her I thought it's been a little overdone. We...