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Curse of mummy

My halloween auto -portrait. https://500px.com/photo/126878161/curse-of-mummy-by-dr-weird?ctx_page=1&...
Last: November 3, 2015

Monalisa smile

hi every one, im Ahmed from Sudan..this is my first post....Please let me know what you think ? 120 cm octabox camera...
Last: November 2, 2015

Stark portrait using 1 flash

Hi Guys, got a friend over to try out my new lights, used a shoot through brolly and processed to give a stark look,...
Last: October 29, 2015

Self portrait with one speedlite.

https://fstoppers.com/photo/89967 Basti HerrmannDarkness
Last: October 28, 2015


https://fstoppers.com/photo/90952 Eric HodgesLian
Last: October 28, 2015

Feedback for an amateur?

Be gentle! I'm new to this lighting thing. :) While playing around with a lighting setup in my basement I decided to...
Last: October 28, 2015

poor old age

were times better
Last: October 28, 2015

Can I get opinions on my portrait?

Hi, My name is Kai Perkins and I am a 17 year old photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been shooting photography...
Last: October 28, 2015

93 years old

I would like to hear your opinion
Last: October 28, 2015

Lady in dress (photographed with a cell phone)

I borrowed her cell phone for this image. It's taken during the shooting of my short film "Dresses". No retouching...

Indian chief

I love watching portraits of Native Americans in the 1800's. I drew inspiration from one of the portraits I adore of a...
Last: October 3, 2015


Here's a shot, in my favorite style, that I took of my friend smoking a cigar after a shoot. There's one strobe with a...
Last: October 2, 2015


I love using just 1 speedlite, I do have more than 1 but the impact and drama you can achieve with just one is great...
Last: September 20, 2015

Black and White

https://fstoppers.com/photo/84736 Jan Christian ZimaraBeauty in black
Last: September 9, 2015


Trying to achieve new techniques in portraiture CC are welcome
Last: September 3, 2015

Family Portraits

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to set up a quick shoot and photograph a few of my family members using my "...
Last: August 27, 2015

Free Dramatic Portraiture class at Adorama in NYC this weekend!

I will be teaching a free class at Adorama on the topic of Dramatic Portraiture. At my last class I photographed the...