The times we live in

I do not mean this as a political statement but I do as a personal one.


Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @mcgillivraybirniephotography Model: @Valentina.lyuche Agency: @ks_models_atyrau...

Snoot Self-Portrait

Another quarantine Self-Portrait. My first time playing with a SNOOT. The intention was to get something close to a...
Last: May 1, 2020

Fine Art Portrait: Noella

This is an image taken at my 1:1 January workshop. My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so often my...
Last: April 30, 2020

First time cinematic dramatic look

Hey y'all, Would like your opinion about these pictures of this set i took. Thx!
Last: April 30, 2020

Incognito Quarantine Chic

Simple 1 light portrait with limited resources under Quarantine. A Beauty dish from high camera right and negative fill...

Fantasy and reality often overlap...

My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so often my lighting and editing style will reflect that look...
Last: April 27, 2020

Portrait Ella II

This had a bit of a Marie Antoinette inspiration. My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so my soft...
Last: April 26, 2020

Covid19 Face

Documenting the toll the pandemic has taken on my face. My beard is ratty. My eyes are tired. My mood is distressed.


This portrait is a self-portrait, and the concept behind this image is about capturing the feeling of being isolated,...

Past and Present

Past to present. Ever checked how you edit images today. I see light totally different...2 years on! Model: @...

Quarantine self-portrait.

Hello, Seeing as I'm, like most of you, in quarantine, I figured I would try a different kind of photography, so I shot...

Smoke and Gels

3 lights with color gels and vape pen.
Last: April 17, 2020

Home alone

I've never done much portraiture (and I'm just an amateur) but I've wanted to try some low key, dramatic photos. Since...
Last: April 10, 2020

Senior Pix- Ballin'!

I'd like your reaction to this outtake from a senior photo session-
Last: April 8, 2020

Amylee - Natural Light

Doing a lot more colour lately. Portrait/headshot with model @amylee_gowan ⁣ Photo: Gary McGillivray-Birnie @...

Marmalade von trench

My friend setup....for a backdrop i pulled down the window the left of the window I have a...
Last: April 1, 2020

The jewel

Beauty editorial for Ellements Magazine highlighting our collaboration work "The Beauty Dictionary", issue no 12 of @...


"Low Key Fine Art Beauty Portrait" Model: Cristina Photographer/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers WEBSITE: