Dried Rose 2017 #11

Take a nice bouquet of roses and allow them to fully dry out and you end up with some great colors and textures. Shot...

Tiffany in Nature

Combine a few strands of lichen with a very chilly morning and voila, the semblance of a bejeweled necklace! Shot with...

Mushroom in the Redwoods

I took this with an iPhone X.
Last: March 1, 2020

Bird's Nest Fungus

Taken with an iPhone X.


Focus Stacked Image
Last: December 30, 2019

The Spiders Web

hanging out in the back yard, i came across this guy.

Beginer photographer would like some feedback

Here are two photos of grass hoppers would like some critiques on them. please be harsh because I want to improve
Last: December 14, 2018