Another try at ICM while I was at Marloth Park. I managed to get more movement with this one... Sorry I haven't had the...
Last: January 20, 2021

Anyone care to tell me their thoughts?

I took this when I first started shooting on a Sony a6000 and the kit lens. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Last: January 20, 2021

Portrait of a maiden

Just posting to engage a wider audience. This is an experimental image, layering multiple images taken of the subject...
Last: January 16, 2021

B&W Photo Project: Post Traumatic

For those who had been to hell and back Their world is darker than it is supposed to be For some Light never comes (...
Last: January 15, 2021

Darth Pixie

Some experimental shots I did with a lightsaber.

Pep Ventosa experiment

By all means the background on this needs so serious work, but other than that I am looking for any CC. Thanks!
Last: January 1, 2021

Minimal barn

Just taking advantage of a December snowstorm to create some minimal images. These are some I have put to one side for...
Last: December 29, 2020

Tree ICM Composite

I have been playing with ICM now that I have my new camera. I am also playing with compositing now that I am beginning...


I shot this with my Nikon S9500 because the boys were moving and it was handy. (You know the old saying about the best...
Last: December 25, 2020

Changing Styles

A photo from November. Quite different from the photos I usually took, but the antique look was kept.

ICM magazine recommendation

As interest in ICM has been growing I'd like to recommend a magazine that not only features some great artwork but...
Last: December 24, 2020

ICM and composite Exploration

I have a minimal amount of experience in IMC, but I wanted to try compositing. The original picture is of a tree. I did...
Last: December 24, 2020


This reminds me of one of the few Star Trek movies I did not enjoy.
Last: December 24, 2020

Hand Torn Paper

I have a friend who makes paper and binds it into books. The edges are hand torn; I'm not a paper maker, so I don't...
Last: December 23, 2020

First Snow ICM

These are three different edits of a 7-layer ICM composite. I finally got the first snow of the season here in Indiana...
Last: December 23, 2020

The White Tree

This is a five shot composite taken in the woods behind my house. It is to some extent a Pep Ventosa, as I did alter my...
Last: December 23, 2020

my attempt at minimalism

mallards on Holmes Run, west Alexandria, VA, 24 February, 2005, 2:43 pm Nikon D100 with 80-400mm lens, focal length 102...
Last: December 21, 2020

"Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis"

Wondering whether the crop should be different. Thought about emphasizing the tall building but to get larger details,...
Last: December 15, 2020

First Try With Capture One Pro

-Before & After- Note: Basic adjustments from Affinity and adjustments+presets from the Nik Collection Plugins...
Last: December 15, 2020