April theme & banner competition - Minimalism

With a new month looming I think it might be fun to spotlight a single genre and provide members the opportunity to...
Last: April 13, 2021

Flight of the Carpenter Bee

Flight of the Carpenter Bee. Took a bit but I got him. :) Nikon Z6, Minimal focal distance, Nikkor 200-500mm @ 500mm...
Last: April 14, 2021

Is this minimalist?

I'm thinking of submitting this pic for a minimalist contest but I feel with all the action at the bottom it might just...
Last: April 14, 2021

Minimalism - open discussion

Minimalism is one of those themes that is always open to debate. What defines a minimalistic image? How should one...
Last: April 5, 2021

Minimalistic images for review

As we focus on the subject on minimalism I thought I'd dig through my catalog and throw up some of my older images as...
Last: April 13, 2021

Macro Testing

I've been experimenting with the macro feature on my Nikkor 35-80 f/2.8. It can only be engaged from the 35mm focal...
Last: April 13, 2021

Same Pond, Same Plants, Different Angle

Actually, these are not exactly the same plants, but they are only a few feet apart and were shot within minutes of one...
Last: April 11, 2021

Harry's at it Again!

Now that the weather is getting better, Harry is out scouting more chalk drawings.
Last: April 11, 2021
Last: April 9, 2021

Something fun I did on a whim

This is a close-up I did of a soft drink bottle one day just for the fun of it.
Last: April 8, 2021

Blurry Abstract Style

I just joined this group and I'm hoping to get feedback on some photos. I started this blurry style of photography...
Last: April 8, 2021

Minimalist wood duck

I recently downloaded ebird, an app used to record sightings of birds. I saw that wood ducks were recently spotted at...
Last: April 5, 2021

First attempt at abstract photography

I'm just getting into photography, and this is a picture I took at a motel I was staying at in November of last year. I...
Last: April 5, 2021


guess this is isolated enough ... with lots of neg space
Last: April 5, 2021

the New cycle

a few more solo subject images
Last: April 4, 2021

Zebra, in triplicate (high key B&W)

Although they number in their millions in Africa, Zebra always make for interesting subjects to me... I managed to...
Last: April 4, 2021


I forget whether we were coming or going. I know Harry was in the car.

Remains of life form

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset? Inspiration comes from everywhere. I believe that the beauty of nature...
Last: April 2, 2021

Dragons in Fire

I recently started a new project shooting into fire. Springtime is burning time in rural Montana and figured to bring...
Last: April 1, 2021

The complex simplicity of life

The title says it all - spring is here and so is new life
Last: March 31, 2021