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Recreating a painting...

Hey guys I am bored on quarantine and thought it would be fun to recreate a painting..
I chose this painting from Banksy. called the girl with the balloon.
shot with the Sony 6400 and Sony 16-50mm kit lens.
I took a photo of my sister and a brick wall.
then i put in a balloon then put them together. and....boom!!
This was a fun thing to do and if ur board and stuck at home I recommend doing something like this... anyway cya...
also any CC appreciated :)

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Beautiful job, Jeremy! Imitation is sometimes criticised, but it's how many old masters learned, imitating their masters when they served their apprenticeships. Unlike plagiarism, passing off someone else's work as your own, imitation citing your source is interesting, and I'm happy to do it - in fact, it's led to some of my more popular images.

Banksy's a genius! I immediately recognised his work when I spied the thumbnail for this image. Not to diss him, but your sister looks more animated than his girl!

Mind you, if I caught you imitating Banksy on my fence, I'd beat the crap out of you.

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Jeremy you never cease to amaze me. I've said it before and I'll say it here - some day I am going to say "I knew him when he was just starting"

This is so good I don't know what else to say! Regardless of your inspiration, the photo of your sister alone is fantastic. I'd love to see you run with this style and your own creations (not the I have any problem with this!). The stark black and white combined with the subject of a girl is interesting. Love it.

Someone you may be interested in checking out is Jordi.Koalitic on YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-Md_S_A6VcSJiAhStZCKbw) He does amazing work with all kinds of fun tricks. I can totally see you going in his direction. If you do, let us know what you think. Then beat the boredom! He is amazing and I'm looking forward to trying some of his tricks.

This is really great Jeremy. So glad you shared it!

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I really like this Jeremy. Although inspired by Banksy I think your image stands on its own merits,
Your sister's pose is perfect (you should sign her up!) and completely works with the angle and inferred movement of the balloon.

Well done!