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Gregory Thanos's picture


The interesting cirrus clouds always catch my attention, because of their imaginery shapes. Their shape combined with the intense blue of the sky, gave me the opportunity to use black and white in order to highlight their unique figures.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Nice, subtle effect, Gregory. One strength of your work for my tastes is your restraint, when many seem to want to overwhelm the viewer. Despite this, the image has plenty of dynamisim. Good job!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you a lot Chris! I appreciate it!

Alan Brown's picture

I feel so many clod images disappoint as they fail to provide interest, or as Chris indicates are totally over-processed in an effort to overcome such flaws.
This does not apply here - your image has interest depth and texture. These combine to invite the viewer to linger.

Nice work Gregory.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much Alan! I appreciate your comment!

Ruth Carll's picture

Both of you took the words from my fingers!

Nice work Gregory! Keep them coming!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much!