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Alan Brown's picture

dancing on the dock

So I took a bit of a left turn when out shooting a sunset across the Charles river.

As the sun was receding a group of onlookers and photographers alike squatted on a floating dock. To one side I spotted a couple of dancers, to the untrained eye dancing to Salsa music.

Noting potential I swiftly changed my direction and started to try and capture the flow of their movements - quite difficult as you have to forecast changes in
direction and with shutter speeds in the 2 - 5 second range you are blind for a long time once the shutter is released. Needless to say a lot of images were taken to get few results.

I respect and appreciate all feedback from this group in general, and would like your thoughts on the images presented.

Do these images work for you? Do you feel color adds to the images, or does it add a distracting element?

Feel free to express your personal opinion, none can be wrong.

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Matthew Lacy's picture

I am going off of first impressions here. The first one looks better in color. The second one is better in black and white.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Alan - an interesting new direction. I do like the idea and I prefer the black and white. I am hung up and the composition though. If these were cropped so that the people were further back - almost small in the scene, they would look like ghosts and the space in the scene would enhance the suggestion of movement.

I know that this isn't always possible but there it is!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ruth. This was a chance encounter so I had to work with what was available.
As it was I had to try and capture as they danced through the space between others (there was people/bikes/bags to left & right), and zooming out revealed the opposite riverbank at top, dock edge at bottom.

That said I am actually quite pleased with the composition myself (hard to compose with a 2 sec exposure and the viewfinder blind).

Thanks again for the feedback

Ruth Carll's picture

Wow Alan! You did a great job capturing these in that scenerio!! I do like them, particularly the bla k and whites!