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Alan Brown's picture

Flattening the ICM learning curve

Looking back at my initial attempts at ICM, one of the most difficult challenges I faced was gaining an understanding of how camera motion impacts end result. TBH I gave up for a while after hugely disappointing results.
Understanding this technique typically requires numerous visits into the field, taking and analyzing a large number of shots to gauge impact.

However, there are tools within Photoshop that can aid that understanding. all that is required is an appropriate sample image and a little time (along with PS of course).

In a goal to help others I have written an article on my website where I describe settings and compare actual ICM images taken in the field to emulations in PS (just to show that it works....).

I am presenting initially to this select group in the hope to gain feedback on the article - is it easy to follow, do you feel you can gain from it etc. The link is as following - I have it password-protected (pwd = icm) until I feel ready for prime time;

As per the article it is important to note that such emulation is NOT ICM, so ensure you resist any urge to label any modified images as such.

All sincere feedback desired and welcomed.

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Joe Svelnys's picture

I gave it a look. A few of my friends that write like it when I read over their works as I'm dyslexic and can stumble on poorly written sentences, concepts or flow. I had none of those issues with your article; concept and flow was nicely laid-out and easily read.

I only caught very minor issues: paragraph two, sentence one, missing period. paragraph three, sentence two, missing l in "all"; and a few random "double spaces" sprinkled throughout. Very minor things and super fast to correct.

Nice informative article in my opinion.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Joe, I appreciate the time you took to read through it and find all my mistakes (I'm a lover not a writer .....).
I am especially pleased that you were able to follow and it made sense to you. Now I have to get back in and make those changes.........

Matthew Lacy's picture

I tried a few variants of ICM/icm/Icm etc. I still couldn't access the link.

Joe Svelnys's picture

I just typed "icm" all lower case, using firefox browser.

Matthew Lacy's picture

I'm going to try it on a different device.

Alan Brown's picture

Did you follow the link and get to the password prompt?
Lower case icm should work. Let me know if you still have issues and I can remove the password.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Agree with Joe, Alan. It reads well and the text is informative and concise. Noted some double spaces. Disclaimer line 1: educational guide? article? tutorial? tool? (but you repeat the word tool soon after). Surprised Joe didn't trip on this one! ;-)

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris, and good catch. I have corrected based on your feedback.