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Ruth Carll's picture

Back at the Goethals

Thanks for the feedback when I posted some images of this bridge in black and white. I got to gi back on a sunny day. Yea! Here are my second tries.

Feedback welcome!

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Mike Young's picture

Hi Ruth - I like the way the middle shot fills the frame. I would like see it sans cloud and mono. The lines build a nice image and I imagine the tones would be nice in mono.

Mike Osmond's picture

Not that the name Mike has anything to do about it but they say great minds think alike and i agree with Mike... i think the second image would be stunning in BW...

Alan Brown's picture

Het Ruth, I think the first would look awesome if you could remove the clouds lower right and blend in a small shapely cloud mid/upper right.

Troy Straub's picture

I really like number 2.