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Cameron Hunter's picture

Tiny Boats

Tiny Boats seen from above in the Canadian Rockies

Which one is your favourite?

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Cameron.
Image 2 minus the dark triangular patch at right bottom.
Also sharing my thought led by image 1.

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi, Further to above, for me image 3 too is very good concept of the composition of lines. But for this image that lines are not complementing the desired impact.

Cameron Hunter's picture

Thanks Vijay for all your input!
My thinking for the dark triangular area was it brought a bit more contrast into the image. But I am seeing now it kind of pulls your eye away from the boat.

Troy Straub's picture

I really like number 3. Number 2 is also nice. I feel like the boat on the right of number 1 is a little to close to the edge.

Cameron Hunter's picture

Yeah I agree! Looking at it again it would be more balanced if all 3 boats had similar distance to the edge of the frame!