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William Hunt's picture

La Mer (...in lockdown)

As a complete newcomer, by way of introducing myself I thought I’d share a few images of the jolly English seaside - so to speak - taken earlier in the summer.
Moody Modernism, pier construction and (nearly) empty beaches!

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Welcome to Fstoppers, William! You've made a very impressive start with this batch. You certainly have an eye for bold graphics. That De La Warr Pavilion is a wonderful piece of Deco architecture, and you do it justice here. Well done.

Don't be afraid to comment on others' work, as these comments fuel discussion, contributing to developing a circle of simpatico photographers over time. There is virtually no trolling, and this particular Group is one of FS' great successes in terms of constructive, friendly discussion, mutual encouragement and photographic experimentation, thanks in large part to founder & moderator Ruth Carll's energy and commitment.

I hope you enjoy FS and find your niche. It's a big site with diverse interests, and it can take a while to find what suits you.

Hope to see more from you.

William Hunt's picture

Thank you so much Chris. In all honesty, with a sunny day, a building as beautiful and photogenic as the DLW and no pesky people about getting randomly in the way, it was impossible to go wrong!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Believe me - plenty would manage. ;-)

Josh Sanders's picture

Agree with Chris--a great first foray into the Fstoppers community. As an abstract, I particularly like the shot of the steel girders. Well done, and keep shooting (and posting)!

William Hunt's picture

Thank you Josh. Seems like I might have come to the right place:) Must say I’ve been blown away by some of the work posted here! V. Humbling! Will probably upload a bit more soon, but I see there is a limit of 30 images, so I’ll have to be judicious!

Josh Sanders's picture

Only thing I'd note about the upload limit is that I believe it's a limit on how many pictures you can have in your portfolio--there's no limit to posting to these groups to get feedback. Once you're happy with an image, you can have your top 30 in your portfolio and switch things out as needed. Also, I believe that you can unlock additional portfolio space by having an image selected to be featured on the Fstoppers instagram account, being chosen as the Photo of the Day, etc. Again, welcome to the community!

William Hunt's picture

Ah! That’s good to know, thanks. Actually just popped up a couple more... (New York).

Chris Jablonski's picture

If enough of your portfolio images are rated 3 stars or above by enough people, William, you can enlarge your portfolio. You will be informed of this. Commenting gets you noticed, so people might then look at your portfolio.

Alan Brown's picture

Totally agree with Chris. This community is built on folks being willing to offer their sincere opinion - all are respected and welcomed (good or based).

As Chris indicates, those who participate are more likely to have their work noticed, and constructive feedback helps us all grow.

Mike Young's picture

I would select six and seven as the ones that stand out. On six, the strong light has captured the classic design really well. I think the cars distract although they may be out of your control bar post prod edits and bottom left scrub grass could be cropped. Not sure which town it is but it has some interesting architecture. Agree with the others keep shooting and posting.

William Hunt's picture

Thanks Mike. Great to get feedback. These shots are of Bexhill (De la Warr Pavilion), St Leonards-on-Sea and Hastings (rest). Sleepy little towns on the English South coast. St Leonards also has a gloriously silly Art Deco/Modernist apartment building in the form of an ocean liner! I’ll upload some shots of that soon. Oh and good point about the scrub grass! Haven’t really done any significant post prod on these images apart from a small amount of cropping and fiddling with contrast. I guess it shows!

Ruth Carll's picture

Welcome William! I've been away so I'm a bit late to this post. You've gotten some great feedback though and i agree with all of it. Keep the work coming and comment on others' post. You are a great new addition here!