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Gregory Thanos's picture

Bright orange

It was a really rainy day. I was hoping for some light at sunset. As it got dark, the clouds began to become thinner. Although it was too late, the last rays began to illuminate the clouds with spectacular bright shades of orange. I was so impressed by the brightness of the colours, that seemed like a lie to me. Although time has passed since then, I still find it strange how much bright were the colours.

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Alan Brown's picture

Strange indeed Gregory, but perhaps not abnormal. I think stormy skies at the end of day can provide so much drama and extreme lighting.

I really like the strong mood and complimentary orange/blue tones in this.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much Alan! You are right although it looks strange it's not abnormal. Also my editing process on this photo is minimal.

Ruth Carll's picture

Lovely abstract cloud image Gregory! The colors are stunning. This suggested crop is just personal opinion. I think that taking a little off the top will balance the image and bring even more of an abstract feeling to the image. Just a thought.

Nice work - more please!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Thank you very much for your feedback Ruth! I really appreciate it!