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William Hunt's picture

Broadway, NY (post-diluvian)

Taken last October. Looking south down Broadway towards the Woolworth building immediately after biblical-style downpour. Steam clouds envelope the buildings!

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hi William, sometimes when we are having a lot of posts, a post can get too far down the queue and get missed before it gets some comments. This one may have fallen to this as these are really nice. My point being that 'no comment' doesnt equal 'no like'! 😉

In fact these are my favorites of your posts so far. The first one is a stunner! I'd hang it! The extreme contrast in the second also works for me.

Nicely done!

Alan Brown's picture

Nice high-contrast images William. I agree with Ruth that the first would be my preference. You have done a good job isolating the lamp, creating greater depth to the image.