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deep forest horror...

I've shared this with friends and it was mentioned a few times it reminds them of a book jacket, for an evil book. :)

A tree fell over the Summer in the forest and after these months the root-ball is still perpendicular to the ground. Scale is missing from this photo but the entire root-ball must be at least 16ft across; if i were standing next to this, the nexus point would be slightly above my head.

I haven't been around much, been in a bit of a slump for photography; Autumn is over and no Snow as of yet. :-/

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Matthew Lacy's picture

This picture doesn't do too much for me personally. I do, however enjoy seeing your name pop up on my notifications again. I've missed seeing your work in the group as of late. I think this is a time that many of us find ourselves in a slump, but I hope you can get through yours. Happy shooting.

Joe Svelnys's picture

Thank you Matthew, I appreciate that very much.

Alan Brown's picture

Hey Joe, thanks for posting. Like Matthew says it’s good to see you active again.

I think the image holds some interest and potential- I’m wondering what it would look like in B&W, where you have greater flexibility of adjusting tones.

I agree that this is a hard time of year, with everything so bland. I try to use the to scout possibilities (for when snow arrives), and try to push myself to get out and push myself to find opportunities- there are pictures to find out there....

It is also a great time to review old work and reprocess with fresh eyes. A lot of my ‘almosts’ benefit from this.

Look forward to seeing more.

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Thank you Alan, also much appreciated.

Hum.. an b/w edit on this piece, I'm going to try that out later this afternoon, that's a good idea.

I was able to get out on the 24th and went to a new location; that was refreshing; not a lot of photos but it was needed. Went to a nearby lake where there is a small island but was no longer an island due to the very limited amount of rain we received this year. It was interesting and was able to get some 'okay" photos.

I also did some creative fantasy edits to kelp clear the old noggin as well. I may post one later; but def more on the "artsy" side of edits over traditional "photography" style edits. You know what I mean. :)

It's actually raining today and would love to get out and take photos in it - but then today is a Holiday with family. Doh! heh.

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I think the image holds some interest and potential- I’m wondering what it would look like in B&W