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Changing style

I am finding myself without as much time to get to the big falls and mountains and am trying to push in new direction. I would love some input on these.

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Dusty Cooper's picture

Love the first one. I like that I can't tell exactly what the objects are, but I can see that this is a time-lapse in the water. The last two are pretty but don't attract me as much. The second BW doesn't quite work. The shape isn't very appealing and the top white seems like a mistake rather than the sky and horizon. Keep experimenting.

Ian Fraser's picture

thank you, dusty.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for posting Ian, this certainly seems to be a change in direction for you - I find that great as I'm all for experimenting and expanding our skill sets.

Similar to Dusty, I really like #1, with #3 &#4 having merit. Although I appreciate the minimal approach I think the subject in #2 does not hold enough interest to attract the eye.

I hope to see more from you - hopefully we will hear your viewpoint in other discussions.

Ian Fraser's picture

thanks, Alan.

Robert Tran's picture

I find #4 so cool and my favorite, man. At a glance, it could be a drone shot of an island while zoomed it, it could be a collection of plant-life in a puddle. Either way, it keeps me looking at the details.

Julian Ray's picture

Some great experiments here Ian.
It is always so good to see people try and play in new waters... so to speak. 😂
Images 1, 2, and 4 are strong examples of explorations in composition and subject. In these you did not go the safe, overdone, tried, and true route but took some risks.
Good work and I definitely look forward to seeing more of your discoveries here.
Thanks for sharing.

Chris Jablonski's picture

ALL of these are very appealing to me, Ian. I agree with Robert Tran's comments on the last one; I had exactly the same reaction. Maybe you should skip "the big falls and mountains"! OK, maybe just go there for R&R... ;-)

Great work. Seriously, for me these are the best in your fine portfolio.