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We had a brief thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. More thunder than storm. Unlike every other dog I've known, Harry does not seem to mind the noise (no, he is not deaf!)

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Alan Brown's picture

Hi Andrew. I love the drama in these images.

You must have read my mind - I keep promising myself I'm going to get out to capture storm clouds (to complement my 'sunny day' series).

I particularly enjoy #3 for its dynamic range and balance.

Well done!

Andrew Williams's picture

These are more dramatic than the real thing, as it happens. With Harry dragging me around it is practically impossible to do more than aim, compose, and focus. Exposure corrections are impossible until they get on the computer. Even though shot in color, the majority really ought to be B&W. #11 is the rare exception.

P.S. I noticed a section of my "Mastodon" is now the header on this group. Thanks. I think it is good to keep changing that every few weeks. It encourages people to see the recognition.