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Suggestions for an August theme

With July winding down I am looking for suggestions for next month's theme. Is there anything you would like to highlight that be helpful as a discussion point between members?

While on that subject, is there anything you would like to see in the group that mat interest the broader community? I'd like this to be a forum for discussion, so would love to hear of topics that might be of interest to others.

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Alan, in order to be able to post more than 4 images I replied to this post in another post:

George Popescu's picture

Maybe a season Theme, like summer abstract at the beach, or abstract on the pavement or something like that!

Matthew Lacy's picture

Have we done an ICM theme yet? I know that many in this community would be able to submit for that, and it would likely look good as a banner.

Going off of what George suggested, we could add a seasonal or other restriction to the submissions.

Alan Brown's picture

That's a good idea Matthew, however I fear that many may feel excluded being not a genre they wish to pursue. That is not to say that ICM could not be used as a technique when posting for other themes , including this month's.

Glad to see you experimenting more with ICM yourself, your technique is really coming along.

Following George's suggestion we may have a Fall/Autumn theme later in the year, with ICM positioned well for creative submissions.