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Possible August Theme Examples

As a possible Idea for August's theme Alan, focusing on the Experimental aspect of the group's name, we could try an old exercise designed to help learn to see in fresh new ways.

In this exercise we craft images of ordinary every day things (the more ordinary and common the better) but from a different Point Of View.

This can be angles that are very high or low, from a place not normally visited. or playing with light and or colour, or time of day, weather, maybe including compositional elements that are not usually taught to be "correct", etc, not normally done.

The emphasis is on initial creation of the image, not so much on the post processing of it.

Here are 7 examples to help illustrate some of the countless possibilities. In each image I was hanging over the railing, standing on a table, laying on the sidewalk, etc.
The point is to have fun looking at "boring" things in new and different ways.

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I like that idea Julian, I'm all for challenging ourselves to see things in different ways and to present what is perhaps an alternative view of the world.