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Just a shot from my chair in my WFH office. You can make images anywhere... just like the mood.

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This is one of those images that pulls the viewer into the the story of the moment.

Images that are not explicit but rather draws the viewer into the image and makes room for them to bring their own story into the narrative are always very powerful and evocative.
Kent this is a great example of minimalist story telling.

Kent the other image you have in your FS portfolio is another great example your skill.

It is clear from the images in your website that you have many great stories to share and I hope you will continue to do so with this group.

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Thank you for the feedback. I use images like this when I teach intro to photography classes at the local art league. I use them to encourage new photographers to just take a moment and look around you.

Not all images are made in epic locations or well equipped studios, images can be made anywhere, anytime.

I also use images like this for students to get them to shoot for themselves, not an audience. If they like what they see, shoot it, put it out there and believe in it.

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How cool to find a kindred spirit!

Your work is refreshing and I do hope you will continue to contribute to this group.