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Along the Beach

Two shots from Saturday. I believe these are minimalist in nature. Feedback always apperciated.

colorful kayaks

Something a little different from my normal style. Some older shots that I felt were never quite right but had...
Last: November 16, 2020


How much I like to observe the details on landscapes, the flattering rock's shape in combination with the cascade were...

ICM in the Woods

I haven't posted anything here in a while, but just today I had the chance to go out to some woods and play around with...
Last: November 14, 2020

City Life · Light Trails · Nostalgia

It just happened to me that I had took so many architecture photos that I ought to try to make a personal project out...
Last: November 14, 2020


I like the simplicity and lines here. Comments?
Last: November 10, 2020

New to this

I am interested in minimalist and abstract photography. I am new to this theme and approach. I am looking for feedback...
Last: November 10, 2020


A picnic with friends and family near the sea shore spot around Vancouver. was taking a stroll at the shore. sun was...
Last: November 9, 2020

Stone and Vines

Hi All, I was wondering if any of these appeal. I was on a trip recently and was able to stop at a historic building...
Last: November 7, 2020

A subject-less image

Would you consider this image as minimalist? Does it fit the theme?
Last: November 5, 2020

Last colour

I was very lucky, when a beautiful cloud formed above of a silver poplar tree. I liked a lot that the branches of the...
Last: November 5, 2020

Chaos Theory (Post Four)

"I'm a study of a man in chaos in search of frenzy." --Oscar Levant "Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny, but chaos...

Chaos Theory (Post Three)

"Of all the possible pathways of disorder, nature favors just a few." --James Gleick "In all chaos, there is a cosmos,...


Visiting a friend's house I found this beautiful palm tree. Using a stool I managed to photograph it from above,...
Last: November 1, 2020

Mall of America Parking Ramp

I'll call this photo Minimalist, maybe even Abstract. And a bit experimental. I just wrote a blog post about it:https...
Last: October 30, 2020

Fire Experiment

I recently started playing with on camera editing. I haven’t touched this photo other than in camera. I really like the...
Last: October 30, 2020

Ocean Inspired Abstract

Here is another edition in the abstract painting-to-photograph series. These are ocean inspired. Feedback welcome!
Last: October 29, 2020

Too Processed or Cool?

I do like to play around with images that have interesting lighting. I like this as an art piece but my husband is more...
Last: October 28, 2020

Partial Pep

Just looking for sincere feedback from the trusted community on this. My usual (Pep Ventosa) technique for this type of...
Last: October 27, 2020


When you read a book your perspective changes
Last: October 27, 2020