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New to group, just saying hi

Hi. New to FS and first group I joined. I have been a musician (failed at it but love it) in Phx for a decade and now turned my focus to photography. Mainly doing promo stuff but just recently started trying to do concert photography. I am truly loving it but struggling at the same time. I have read all the "does and donts" but still can seem to get it done. It seems the big shows it a no brainier but local small shows it seem impossible so I joined this group in hopes to learn. The photos (I have not posted yet so I hope this works) is from a show in Phoenix Arizona and the band was In this moment...the lighting and stage performance are a dream...look them up you will want to shoot a show with them. While I am not a fan of the music...the show was off the charts.
I shoot a Nikon d800 and primary a 17-55 mm 2.8 or prime 85mm 1.4 as these are only len's I have. All these shots were shot from the pit about 8-10 feet away. I had iso cranked (hence all the grain) to 5k and shot as wide as I could. I have dozen of other concerts I have shot but the images suck. so and CC is welcome.

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Welcome! I would say your composition is well done. Nothing to worry about there. I was glad to read that one of your lenses is a 85/1.4. This is my go-to lens for concerts as it has the speed I love for dimly-lit concerts. In fact, I’ve never used anything else. But I’ve not shot any large concerts; only small venues where I can walk right up to the musicians, usually at their level.

Many of your photos have a fairly wide depth-of-field. Maybe those shots were with your zoom lens and you weren’t able to use the wide aperture of the 85, I love shooting this type of photography at f2 or larger to really get the attention on a small part of the scene. It’s a lot more work and there are fewer “keepers,” but the payoff is very rewarding.

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Thanks. honestly can't remember what I used at this show I thought it was the 17-55 but I can't remember what I had for lunch today either : )

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I think is one of the hardest types of photography. I try to shoot the fastest and steady maybe use a monopod, I mostly shoot with zoom lenses because in the venue they usually let you shoot from distance. The last time i shoot In This Moment the lighting was bad for photography but the show was awesome.

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I agree, the ever changing elements (moving subject, lighting ext) make it frustrating at times but the pay off for that "one" shoot it so worth it. When I get "that" shot I get so excited inside. Here is Az its not uncommon to only get to shot the first 3 songs in the pit before you are expected to leave and shoot from the crowd. My next lens is a good zoom for sure.