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Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos is a local music festival which takes place each year in South Tyrol - Italy. The entrance is free, and all the income of food and beverages is donated to two NGOs: Emergency and Los Quinchos. More info on https://www.meran4peace.it

Emergency provides free, high-quality healthcare to victims of war, poverty and landmines, alongside building hospitals and training local staff. It pursues a human-rights based medicine, believing that the ‘right to be treated’ is a fundamental and inalienable right belonging to each member of the human family and is based on equality, quality, and social responsibility. More info on https://www.emergency.it

Los Quinchos was founded in 1991 in Nicaragua by Zelinda Roccia, an Italian woman, the ’Los Quinchos’ project gives hospitality to abandoned and mistreated children. It has an articulate and dynamic structure based on the passionate work of around forty people counting educators, psychologists, craftsmen, assistants and administration personnel, all of whom are Nicaraguan. The project is supported by basic solidarity, through the Italian Committees and Associations of the Adda, of Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari and Florence, whose volunteers are engaged in spreading the word about the project and promoting a culture of peace and solidarity between Nations. Enthusiastic contribution from volunteers and international groups from various Countries helps the Project grow, as a shared battle against injustice. The goal is to reinsert children in their own society offering them access to human rights they have been denied up to now: the right to a peaceful childhood and the knowledge of their rights and duty as future citizens. More info on https://www.losquinchos.it

This has been my first concert shoot. I look forward to get your feedback on my best 10 images. Thanks in advance.

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All good photos here, no stinkers! My favorites (numbering from top to bottom) are 3, 4 & 6. The only constructive criticism I would offer is it might be cool to see number 3 with the highlights brought down just a bit to mitigate the ultra-contrast between that spotlight on the guy's face and the rest of the shot, but I also realize you may have already done the best you could based on whatever your exposure was.

Personally, I always intentionally under-expose my shots by a full stop when shooting shows so I never have any white-outs. But that is just personal preference. I prefer losing details in shadow than in highlights.

If this was your first show, this is a very strong first effort with some real keepers to boot. Nice work.

I love number 4 with the guy on the ground.

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Thanks. I was shooting manual with auto ISO. I guess if I set exposure compensation to -1 I will be be able to underexpose in that shooting mode. Nice to know..

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"I guess if I set exposure compensation to -1 I will be be able to underexpose in that shooting mode."

Yup, that is exactly what I mean.

With the power of raw images, there is a lot of leeway in post to account for imperfect exposure. Some cameras allow you to set some additional parameters to the auto-iso settings that can help you further tailor how the camera works to your own taste.

Experiment... get to know your camera! Almost no better place to do that than at a concert.