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Latest shots from our 2nd annual "Farm Jam"

I use a Nikon 5100 with a kit lens not the greatest but its all I have!!!. Just wanted your opinion good or bad!!!!

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There's seems to be focusing issues. Use the single focus point mode (I don't know what it's called with Nikon) instead of wide area focus mode. If you were using the focus points, either the shutter speeds is too low (see below); or, there may be a calibration issue; or, your camera/lens has trouble focusing in low-light. Aim for the closest eye.

Your shutter speed is too low, 1/60, which could be one of the reasons for the out of focus. At that SS, even if they move slowly, it'll get blurry. Try 1/125 at minimum. With that said, when you're zoomed in at 160mm, you'll probably want at least 1/160. I'd say more since you have a crop sensor. Look up "reciprocal rule photography".

Have more of the subject in frame. Have some breathing room around the subject. The first two and the fourth images for example, you've cut off their hands, fingers, and guitar.

Just an example you could do: