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What is everyone's favorite fashion trend/year to photograph?

For me personally, I have a magazine that focuses on the 90s. The era where outfits were simple but spoke volumes of the message the campaign was sending. Or on the other end of clothing, no clothing was fashion in the 90s, photographers like Bruce Webber were creating stunning work that was what we consider NSFW now but then it was in catalogs and billboards. My magazine is focused in the 90s era not necessarily for the clothing but for the message of confidence and sexuality the images/models/photographers we're all trying to send. Would love to hear about all of yours!

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Matias Jorquera's picture

Beautiful pictures and style!!

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I have a hodge podge of favorites. Basically, anything fashion and/or on the sexy/risque side.

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I like this muted film-style look of your pictures. But I focused on the 80s style for my https://cools.com/ clothing photoshoot. It's a trendy style nowadays and I personally like it.