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Roof Top for Factice Magazine

Hi Everyone

I want to show you my recent editorial shot for Factice Magazine

I was inspired to create a roof top story in London . I mostly use a natural light but the ones you see looks like sun set I created it with a color gel on speed light. Sometimes I just did bounce the light from the walls and it gave me this natural looking light and helped me a lot to save images from flat looking

I shot all the images with Canon 5d Mark IV, Sigma 24-70 art 2.8 lens, I think one images is just with Sigma art 20mm 1.4 (the stairs one)

I dont retouch my images too much, just basic adjustments and cleaning around and skin

We enjoyed creating this story and looking forward to do it more when the pandemic slows down and everything gets back to normal

What do you guys think about this?

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Great set! <3

Probably the only one I have a critique on is the 3rd one where she's sitting on the stairs. Her legs (or lack of) looks awkward. All I see are her knees and shins coming out of her waist.