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Ricardo Rodriguez Alba's picture

I will really appreciate your comments

This was an old gym/basketball court reinvented in to a corporate innovation center in Birmingham Alabama

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Dass Ala's picture

I like your image, the composition and the symmetric on image, well done!

Anonymous's picture

It seems like a solid image. I like the perspective and composition. The only thing that I would've probably done different is tame down the exposure a bit on the left walls and clone out that fire alarm on the right wall. Otherwise, I'd say it's a very good interior image!

Pedro Augusto Benevides Machado's picture

PARABÉNS. uniformizada a iluminação.

Jonathan Reid's picture

Very nice! It's a novel idea doing that conversion and your photograph has enhanced it.

Rick Fowler's picture

Looks good but you may want to take the glares on the floor out with Photoshop.
the eye always goes to the brightest point.

Jake Newton's picture

nice, Very Different

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