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Ciprian Badic's picture

First hotel shoot to create a portfolio

I shot this hotel room for personal portfolio, but I think I didn't made this place justice. Both of these shots were made with strobes (5-6 for each composition). For the first image, the bathroom, I didn't wanted to show a toilet or a bath tub, I wanted to get the highlight of that room. The same with the bedroom. CC's are very welcome!

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Dan Menard's picture

I would say maybe you over lit the spaces. Its kind of flat you know? Don't be afraid to let shadows exist. shadows add depth and mood. try using less lights and use more directional light to simulate window light edit: these photos are ok though. good start

Ciprian Badic's picture

Thank you! I tried the render look to see if its for me. I think that too, one directional light is better blended with the ambient exposure! Happy new year!

Michele Discardi's picture

great start though!