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Real estate foto

Hi :)
This is my first post on Fstoppers. This is a room I feel was a bit challenging due to the small space and that I could not get the personality in the living room, which was quite nice. Someone who can come up with something you would have done better based on the picture?

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Willy Williams's picture

Nice job overall! I'd take full advantage of the 16-35mm lens and open all the way out to 16mm. Next, I'd suggest using a circular polarizer to get rid of reflections. In the second photo, I'd have put a cutting board across the sink and set the camera on it. Use a remote trigger to make the shot toward the corner shelves and fold-out table. I'd also raise the lens to ~52" above the floor for a better perspective. When shooting into the kitchen, either back up and/or widen the view of the lens to 16mm. In the fifth image, I'd back up to get the entire couch and wing chair into view. I'd also raise the camera just enough to not be seen in the mirror. In the sixth image, I'd widen out to get the full hassock to the left into the image, or narrow the view to totally eliminate it and the fold-out table to the right. All that said, it's still a very nice job.

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thank you for taking the time :) agree with much of what you say, especially in picture sixth.