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Robin Quarrelle's picture

First go at big architecture :)

Hi all,

I have been shooting real estate for a little while, but have ambitions to work more with architects - ultimately one day on big projects (im sure we all share that ambition). Anyway, I decided to take myself an hour from home to shoot the Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Art in Lausanne, Switzerland, to get a few images. I shared these on Mikes WAMA facebook group but interested to see what the wider community thinks - all CC very welcome - this year is very much about portfolio building for me so any tips along the way greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Robin. For me all the images are amazing. All compositions are well thought of and very good. Am too a Student and since these posts are meant to be above mundane, taking this exchange a little further...

GENERAL: These images were taken in even light. Almost clear sky. Not mentioning anything about contrast and colours. For these two elements, remaining low could be your intentional choice. a little bit of shadow both literally and photographic PP could be my perception. i feel all the frames are tighter crops. this may be due to the lense focal length. and Last, a human scale add meaning to image 7 seen missing in other.

IMAGE 1: Liked your decision of providing the heritage context at the left and thus your statement of contrast. If possible as per site condition, a little higher camera level could have avoided overlapping of dry trees towards left bottom corner? or else, would it be possible to have the perspective continuity of seeing the line of trees? Would it be possible to position in such way to avoid green element and position the entrance concerete element between 2 trees. i feel the crop is tight. for me such external shots could be a little more wider.

IMAGE 2: Perhaps lens correction is needed at the top. i liked both the crop factors. here and image 5. however, could the foreground elements be composed a little lower by taking camera level higher? i know the difficulties of site situations. This frame is a very good opportunity of having contrasting colours of Teal, orange and blue in all its tonal glory. Entrance element is the focal point and it need to be given its importance.

IMAGE 3: Lense correction could be optical illusion. Though everything is perfect, but somehow this appeals a little less. am unable to explain why?

IMAGE 4: wow. such images are perhaps never the hero shots but the set always remains incomplete without them.

IMAGE 5: Just superb. very good. since something is to be "found" to "comment", pointing towards the reflections at glass at Entrance. The illumination warmth at the entrance could be elaborated further to finally rest and hold the vision. some more space at the bottom would bring the hero element little more in centre. this would also give foreground its play.

IMAGE 6 and 7: i personally prefer 7 for human element. while i understand your reason to show the pattern on wall, if there is possibility of seeing the corner in perfect symmetry, i would check that as well. Somehow, i feel a little more space at bottom could be better.

Happy clicking and wishing good time ahead.

Robin Quarrelle's picture

Hi Vijay, Thank you so much for your very detailed response, there are some really useful takeaways and things to consider there. This was a slightly tricky site as the difficulties of the site situation did rather limit my compositions, but you have to make do sometimes :)

Michele Discardi's picture

these are really great work! image 2-3-5 looks too similiar to me, and the only main thing about all the set is that it lacks a hero image. I believe you should tell the story of this building and so it needs also the other side, more context in the city and maybe some shadows or light from the inside. I believe Simon Menges tooks the official photos, give some insight on these also.