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Mixed lighting

Fellow Professionals. Greetings. This refers to my recent shoots of interior spaces. Capturing the same to fine tune my...
Last: May 6, 2020

Bromo Seltzer Tower Baltimore Starry Night

Typically I don't like milkway photos for architecture. And although this would never happen in Baltimore, I thought it...
Last: April 27, 2020

Ad Diriyah historical district in Saudi Arabia

Ad Diriryah town is known for its traditional mud-brick architecture. This photo in particular is photo of an old...

Just wanted to add onto another shot from a previous shoot

Adding another shot onto a previous shoot that we did. This was a twilight version during the shoot, blended with a...
Last: April 14, 2020

The cabins

My wife and I have been looking at different log cabin manufacturers lately and decided to go tour the models. This was...
Last: April 6, 2020

Building in uruguay

Hi to all, im starting as a architectural photographer and this is my first job, the building is somehow boring but it...

Downtown Winnipeg, MB

Although I can't remember the name of the building, it's one of the icons of older Winnipeg. Shot with a 9 stop ND...

John Deere

John Deere in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

CommerzBank Digital Campus

Some pictures from a project of mine capturing all the amazing architecture in Frankfurt, Germany.
Last: March 26, 2020

Is this architectural?

Hi, I'm new to photography and was wondering what style I shoot. And what you think of it....
Last: March 26, 2020

The RCAF Memorial Hall

Tucked into the Canadian Air and Space Museum, this memorial hall to the men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force...

Architecture Copyright infringement.

Hi everyone! The other day I decided to photograph a Building from a world-famous Japanese architect. I have no...
Last: March 11, 2020

Curve lines

Curve linesModern apartment building in Budva Montenegro.
Last: February 29, 2020

A brewery

Hi all, Recently I have shot a local brewery; just was hoping for some critique. It was an extremely tricky situation,...
Last: February 28, 2020


I like the reflection of behavioural need resulting in such organic spaces. This is "Verandah" just before the entrance...
Last: February 17, 2020

Calgary YMCA

A cold winter sunset in Calgary Alberta, please feel free to provide feedback, crop changes etc.
Last: February 9, 2020

Calgary YMCA

Looking for a bit of a critique on this shot, I have some issues with it myself but would love to hear what others...
Last: January 31, 2020

sitting room in rancho santa fe, ca home

i really liked the symmetry and engaging feel of this room, there was very little available light here due to time of...
Last: December 17, 2019

Restaurant Build - Promotional Images

I recently had the pleasure of providing images for a property developer that designed and built a restaurant in...
Last: December 13, 2019

Mike Kelleys Tutorial

Hi Group, I had just wondered if anyone had purchased Mike Kelley's tutorials on here at F-Stoppers. I am sure they are...
Last: December 12, 2019