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Unusual or unique underwater equipment?

Do you use any unusual or unique underwater equipment? Years ago I purchased (overseas) a housing for my Leica D-Lux4 and have never run across someone in the U.S. using this setup?


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Are you happy with your housing and the quality of images from this camera? I'm looking for travel size gear and can't decide.
I'm using Ikelite for 3 years now but it's too big to travel with.

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Keeping in mind I am not a professional photographer, rather a diver who also enjoys photography this equipment has worked great for me. The housing is small in comparison to most and very well made capable of going deeper than safe SCUBA depths without a problem. I have used it with my old Nikonos strobes; however, for simplicity I use it now primarily with available light and do not attempt macro photography. The Lieca D-Lux cameras are great little cameras for travel and I shoot it in RAW format.