[Updated] Experimenting With A Plastic Holga 120N Medium Format Camera

Earlier, I purchase a Holga camera 2 weeks ago and I've been making a few modifications along the way. One is that I...
Last: October 6, 2021

Analogue F3

Hello guys i am looking for an Nikon F3 film camera ...wanting to sell on of my fuji's XT-1 i do have some good Nikkor...
Last: August 27, 2019

What camera do you have?

I have just gotten into photography and the first camera i bought was the Ricoh KR-5 Super. What Camera do you guys...
Last: June 15, 2019

Rangefinder film cameras

Anybody here into non-Leica rangefinder film cameras? I adore rangefinders -- so smooth, quiet and classy. I have a...
Last: July 13, 2018

Little boy portrait

It seems like someone scolded this little fella. I took the shot with a Canon A1 and an Ilford FP4 film

favourite camera and why.

whats your favourite camera and why, whether you a 35mm guy, a medium/large format, wet or dry plate, your welcome to...
Last: May 16, 2016