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Cycling along a pier

Want to add my contribution to all cyclists out there. I had the privilege of shooting a competitive cyclist early one morning. These are a couple of pics that came out of it. Let me know what you think in the comments below, critique, positive and negative are all welcome. This part of the forum doesn't seem to have come alive yet, so, if you read, post a comment :D

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Matt Burt's picture

Nice photos, especially the first couple. Did you use a strobe or reflector?
A little blur on the wheels/spokes to show motion would be a nice addition but getting that right while keeping everything else sharp can be challenging.

As a cyclist it strikes me as a somewhat odd place to be riding that bike.

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Thanks Matt!

It's one strobe, and yes I was planning on doing a few shots with second curtain but didn't think the backdrop would work. We didn't have much time for the shoot, otherwise we would have moved to a different location for some second curtain action :)

I wrote a blog post about the shoot. You will find some behind the scenes and gear info there: