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Hello, I'm a choreographer, screen dance filmmaker, and dance photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. I started out as a dancer trained in various technique then later on dived into still and film. I love to be both behind and in front of the camera and my visual approach explores various perspectives in viewing movement and the capture of contemporary moments.

Here's a dance portrait shoot that I planned using a single light source with a minimal aesthetic in mind. I also played with the idea of layering different images together in post-production, hence, the idea of "Monogram."

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A different approach which I really like it. The layering effect gives a very theatrical feel to the images, sort of this is what the audience sees and what performer feels. Nice job!

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Thank you Robert! Wasn't sure if the manipulation would be too much, wanted to try something different than the normal ballet dance photography. Glad you like it, will definitely explore more!