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Eirik Aadde's picture

Lightpainting in the cold

Drove around in this little Audi on a cold winter day.
Wrapped it all up with a few lightpainting strokes as it got dark :)

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Andrew Wiest's picture

thats awesome man! love everything about this! I have to ask though are the northern lights composited or real? Either way solid piece of work!

Eirik Aadde's picture

Thank you so much Andrew :)
I´m afraid its a composite, those pesky lights never show up where you want em to ;) But that's why I´m out shooting Aurora when they actually do show up. so I have backplates to work into my projects.

Andrew Wiest's picture

hey man no judgement here, it fits the scene and the color profile perfectly, i wouldn't change a thing!

Eirik Aadde's picture

no worries. Appreciate your comment :) Again thank you!

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Great shot, nice lighting on the car!

Matías Chiminelli's picture

Great photo Eirik! I really like the composition and how the nothern lights kind of follow the shape of the car.

tabletop's picture

It sure worked out well!