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Modified Ford Mustang

Built by MAP Tuning, West Yorkshire (UK). Includes Whipple Supercharger, Kooks exhaust, Steeda styling and Velgen wheels.

Light-painted with Tavor lightwand.

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Xander Cesari's picture

I like the reverse cel-shading look of underexposed cars with the bright highlighted character lines. Particularly the second picture where the car is a black hole in the midst of a bright background. Neat technique!

Kerrenton Snow's picture

Dude these are killer. Seriously an amazing set. Watch out for adding in those cityscapes to the background and making them too bright. Sometimes it's distracting from the car. You seem to have perfected the art of illuminating just the body lines of the car with the wand. Very very impressive.

tabletop's picture

Reminds me of need for speed. Great work