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BRYAN MEYERS's picture

Bagged Mustang GT350

Rookie mistake: I was unfortunate to not have my tripod and a CPL (it broke) but for a single exposure I'd like to think this isnt terrible. The kicker is myself and a friend just kind of stumbled across this location while this shoot was taking place and we just kind of shot the car where it was positioned.

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robertc's picture

The car is overexposed and causing the red to fade in areas. Bring it down some and the photo will improve vastly.

Ovidiu Rasanu's picture

Hy Brian. This is a great shot. I like the location, the car.
I have to agree with Robert on the fact that the image is overexposed. Just slightly adjust the Levels on the overall image, and it should be fine. You'll still have details in the shadows.
Great job ;)