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Igor Kapovskiy's picture

Targa 4 GTS from sunset to stars

Finally got to shoot a fitting car with the stars. I wanted to do a shot like this for a while now but things would never align. This week though, my luck has changed, a friend brought out his Targa 4 GTS (such a stunning car), drove off a little away from the city, still plenty light pollution but then again, it's a bit hard to take a 911 off road just like that.

Started shooting at sunset (not particularly dramatic being that in summer Cyprus never sees clouds, once I got a few and dialled in my setting and the setup, we waited for the darkness and for the Milky Way to appear.

a7III, Batis 18mm and Sigma 35 Art, manfrotto tripod

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Matt Richards's picture

Stunning, both the car and the photography. Perfect spec on that Targa.

Igor Kapovskiy's picture

thank you! as far as the spec goes, oh my days - the owner is a friend and he has shown me the spec sheet, I honestly didn't even think it was possible to put that many things and being that it's a porsche the devil's in the details. My favourite has to be the brown leather and the contrasting houndstooth pattern seat inserts (seats are the carbon fibre‚Äč option too. The car is bonkers in all honesty.