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Thomas Boudewijn's picture

FDL Technique - 1979 Ferrari 512 BB

Classic Ferrari 512 car fine art shot using the FDL technique. This is a multiple exposure shot. What do you think?

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Mike Ditz's picture

What is a FDL technique?

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

'focused diffused lighting.
It enables to focus ultra soft, directional light on a small area on the car to perfectly show the design of a car. And the best thing, no nasty reflections

Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful job, Thomas. The Boxer is a sublime piece ot automotive sculpture, and you really do it justice in this glamorous idealised portrayal.

Dan Stiel's picture

Terrific! Nice work!

tabletop's picture

Very nice indeed, I would’ve preferred if the whole back end was lit up but that’s just me.

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Yes taste is always different. I shoot a big number of exposures, after editing the final image is a surprise even for me. That makes the FDL Technique so cool.

tabletop's picture

I completely agree, specially when times feel like I didn’t really get what I want and vice versa

Bob Yunk's picture

Well, I sure as heck can find nothing wrong with this one. Gorgeous shot (and a pretty nice vehicle too)

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Thanx Bob! Awesome car it is! Hope to shoot it again soon.

Ben Harris's picture

Very nice work! Looks almost like a painting, the way the light highlights the car’s features