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1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SE & 1946 Morgan F-Super Three Wheeler

A view Car Fine Art shots using the FDL technique.
These are multiple exposure shots. What do you think?

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Chris Jablonski's picture

These are beautiful images, Thomas! I especially like the Moggie - very moody. One peculiarity of this technique is that it removes the appearance of gloss. I noticed this in your recent image of the Boxer, but it is particularly evident in the photo of the Morgan, which looks as if it has brushed chrome or nickel radiator housing & lamps, and a matt paint finish. What are your thoughts about this aspect of FDL?

So I guess I wouldn't want my classic depicted using just this technique. It certainly looks better than uncontrolled reflections, but the result is quite stylised. I guess if I could afford that SWB, I could afford two photo shoots! And when I'm in that position, I'll fly you to Australia to do the FDL portfolio! Promise... ;-) You can do the Figoni as well while you're here.

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Hi Chris. Thank you for you feedback. I personally love the matt finish. I hate ugly reflections on cars, they distracts from the design of the car. This technique shows the design of the car with all it's edges and curves. I understand if you would like to see more glossiness.
This is a matter of taste. The nice thing about the FDL technique is that you don't need a studio or lots of equipment. It can be done anywhere, anytime and keeps me very mobile. This makes it also more affordable for everyone.

Talking about car-design! Would love to shoot the Figoni! Beauty!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Well after all that buffing and waxing OF COURSE I'd want to see... hmm...

Point taken, Thomas, and you're certainly right about the technique highlighting form. The flexibility of the technique is clearly a great bonus too. Beautiful execution on your part, I must say.

OK, you've got the gig. I just need to get the cars. Maybe a Superfast too - and how about a Miura?

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Haha I'll triple check my bucketlist :P

Mike Ditz's picture

FDL is an interesting look, but most cars are shiny and have shiny chrome bits. Shooting cars is always a challenge to show the paint color and the shape of the body and some shine. Sometimes people who light paint a car end up with something that looks too matte for my taste.

Mark Mann's picture

Very interesting, sent you a private message!

Gabriele Zanon's picture

Wow, really amazing! Love your work!

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Thank you so much Gabriele!

Michael Kühneisen's picture

Awesome work!