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Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Ferrari F430

Car Fine Art using the FDL Technique.
What do you think?

Anyone in the Automotive Photography group tried FDL yet?

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Alex Lud's picture

Hi :)
I had to shoot an old Mercedes 300 for a client few weeks ago. We had to shoot in his garage, under terrible lighting condition.
Couldn't use FDL technique because I'm not 100% confident with it yet.
I'd prefered the good old "composite lighting" technique. Result are less impressive of course, but considering the starting point, it's nearly a miracle ah ah !
(And now, I realise that my answer is maybe off topic !^^)

Thomas Boudewijn's picture

No, I do understand what you mean. A very good solution if you ask me. I took me a few years to master FDL.

Alex Lud's picture

FDL is not easy to master. And when you're not confident with a technique it's better to use the one you know the best.
Specially if the job is paid :)