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Chris Petry's picture

Jaguar F-Type

Photographed for my portfolio. Dealership car. Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm Art. Available (natural) light.

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Gabriele Zanon's picture

Hi Chris! Really nice photos!
did you use a CPL? and.. natural light even on the last image?

Chris Petry's picture

Thank you! I did use a CPL. These were all available (natural) light. The last image was on the top deck of the parking garage with direct sun hitting from about 11 o’clock. Exposed for the highlights.

Gabriele Zanon's picture

wow, amazing! great result!

Mike Ditz's picture

Nice shots, I see that the control center screen is lit up in the top shot but not in the interior. It would be good to see the it lit in the detail shot as well.
A good rule to follow with interior / IP shots is to light up any knob, gauges, screens that you can. Usually turning on the lights to the first setting will do that.