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2020 AMG GT C

Reached out to buddy of mine to see if they had anything in the shop to shoot. Pulled up and this was in the parking lot. Nothing in the shop mattered anymore.

Canon 6D
Sigma 35mm 1.4 with CPL
The sun

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Mike Ditz's picture

Super nice car! Do you want comments?

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Feedback would be great!

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That is a really great location, I am not sure I like the shadow, I might suggest extending the highlight lines along the beltline and the character line at the lower door panel so its not such a big dark area? Also are the seats lined up? looks like the roll bar gaps are different.
Is that the matte/low gloss finish?
I like the big skinkle star but not so much the white out highlights.
Very pretty interior but if you turn on the the headlights everything on the ip will light up, A bump up of the shadows will help imo.
It would be nice to see the tail light lit up so its a bright red not a dull magenta but you could do that in PS or C1

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Thank you! The location is actually comped in. I didn't have the keys to the car so I had to make do with a parking lot. Owner left it unlocked and left.

That is a great catch. I didn't think about the seat adjustment.

It is a matte finish. The flare was natural and I didn't catch it until I was sorting on the computer. Happy little accident in my book. As far as white out on headlight, what are you referencing?

I completely agree on the tail lights. I will make the hue adjustment for sure. The magenta is definitely kind of gross the more that I look at it.

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Great comping in the BG! I meant white out high light not head light...on the hood. IMO maybe bring back some of the trunk lid in the shadow so the line flows into the shadow instead of the hard black shadow?