Put out to pasture

Retired farm truck in Taos New Mexico
Last: August 18, 2019

Broken Wheel

I’ve always liked shooting cars with character like this steering wheel
Last: August 18, 2019

Lightpainting in the cold

Drove around in this little Audi on a cold winter day. Wrapped it all up with a few lightpainting strokes as it got...
Last: August 14, 2019

80s Prelude

I've always loved the 80s and especially the revival of the music Retro Wave. I've had an urge to create this image for...
Last: August 14, 2019

Modified Ford Mustang

Built by MAP Tuning, West Yorkshire (UK). Includes Whipple Supercharger, Kooks exhaust, Steeda styling and Velgen...
Last: August 14, 2019

the 80s

85 bmw 524td. a banger. old, noisy and crappy. but theres nothing else like cruising thru the dust towards the sunset...
Last: August 14, 2019

Targa 4 GTS from sunset to stars

Finally got to shoot a fitting car with the stars. I wanted to do a shot like this for a while now but things would...
Last: August 7, 2019

Vintage Porsche 962 #5 at Sebring

Found some old film prints of a Sebring event. Decided to scan them and touch them up and crop them to see what I could...

Ferrari F12 TDF

This photo was taken on a gloomy day. This car is a beast. Any critique is welcomed. It has to be cropped so the number...

Track Ready Porsche

Amateur Automotive photographer in STL. If anyone knows good places I’m STL to shoot let me know!

Automotive Detail

Details of some cars at a local classic car show over the past few years.
Last: July 22, 2019

New Zealand Motorbike Tour

Taken with a GoPro on a helmet mounted rotating arm. One of the more terrifying rigs I have rode with. It spins about...

Birmingham sunset.

Shot with Olympus E-M5 II Opinions very welcomed :)

Tesla Model 3

Haven't formally introduced myself yet to this group... I'm Derek Johnson and a Denver-based Commercial Photographer...
Last: July 18, 2019

Lexus IS 350 F Sport

I picked up a new daily a couple of months back and managed to snag a decent photo of it finally. Found a nice...

The Bull

I know these Lamborghini Huracans are so common as supercars but name a better and more reliable supercar that is as...

The architecture of the automobile

The beauty of the 1951 Victoria, just how beautiful was the 50's? What's your favorite year of the automobile...
Last: July 17, 2019

Bagged Mustang GT350

Rookie mistake: I was unfortunate to not have my tripod and a CPL (it broke) but for a single exposure I'd like to...
Last: July 16, 2019