What I love to do

I'll post this here until I can on the Intro board. Howdy All!! Born and Raised in Dallas Tx. Have been a car...

First time shoot cars

Decided to try and shoot my Subaru for the first time. I'm happy with how it turned out, yet I know I could've done a...
Last: June 13, 2019

i3 Detail Shot

Had an i3 for a few days decided to find an angle that looked good

BBS Leather and Wood limited edition NA Mazda MX5/Miata

Someone came to a local MX5 meet with this beauty and I tried light painting it with what I had at hand, that is to say...
Last: June 7, 2019
Last: June 7, 2019

Light painting a GT350

Finally got to get out and do some shooting last night after a little hiatus, Pretty pleased with the results. Just a...
Last: June 6, 2019

My favourite

Evening guys, just wanted to share with you some of my favourite. Any feedback welcome.
Last: June 6, 2019
Last: June 5, 2019

Light painting a c7 Z06 with a pixel stick

Figured we'd try something new on this one. Borrowed a pixel stick from a fellow photographer, love the results.
Last: June 4, 2019

Audi R8 on fishing docks

Took a couple cars out to an abandoned fishing dock, my favorite being this r8 v10+ Critique welcomed

FDL Technique

Anyone using the FDL Technique (Focused Diffused Lighting) and want to share some shots? Would love to see some more...
Last: May 31, 2019

Super Sebring 2019

I went to Sebring this year, no photo pass just as a regular person. I have started going through the photos and have...
Last: May 22, 2019


Composite of two single strobe detail shots of the BMW M4 GTS to hightlight the OLED technology in its tail lights
Last: May 21, 2019

a smashing day out in an Opel GT

the other week, my friend Josh Cornelius and I, had a smashing day out with their 70's Opel GT. I made a blog post...
Last: May 15, 2019

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The fastest car I have ever shot :-)
Last: May 13, 2019

Blue Carbon Fiber. 110 years of Bugatti

This beautiful Chiron Mahattan Motorcars had on display at the auto show.

Night Rider / F10 at night

Hey guys, I'm learning and would love to get some feedback on this shot. Why it sucks, what would you do to make it...
Last: May 3, 2019

Chevy 3100

Took this last year on a neighbor's property (with permission of course). This guy had a number of old cars and trucks...

Focus ST Rolling Shot

First attempt at a rolling shot. Screwed my camera onto a suction cup and stuck it to the rear window of my car. Camera...
Last: April 29, 2019